Monday, December 19, 2011

Hacked, sacked but enjoying the season!

The trip went smoothly. No major delays, fairly easy airports to no airport stories...
BUT, of course there is a story!
Let's go in the order of the title of this post:

My email was hacked while we were in our overnight layover. Most everyone on my email list received the following email. My notes are in red, while theirs are in black:
Greetings to you,(never would I put these words) I urgently need your financial assistance of about 1200pounds.(why wouldn't I contact someone personally if I so desperately needed money?!) i had a quick trip to UK(luckily, most people knew which way I was flying, not through the UK) and Unfortunately i was robbed on my way to the hotel,all my personal possession including my wallet was taken from me. Right now I'm stuck here in Manchester and unable to Get back home. Kindly let me know if you can be of help? i have been to the embassy but they are ready to help me with a temporary passport which i can use to travel back home.(contradiction from the last sentence...I'm stuck in Machester and unable to get home, yet in this sentence, it states the embassy is giving me a temporary passport to use to get home?!)
i will appreciate any amount you can afford to help me with.I made inquiries and have been told i can only receive money via western union or money gram. i will like you to act fast on this and let me know if i should send you my details so you can send me the money. i await your reply.(terrible grammar, not my style, hehehe)

So, this was not the most pleasant way to start the trip, but hey, with a long converation with a yahoo representative, a few changes here and there and all seems to be fine now. It is a shame that these hackers do not use their intelligence more wisely and for the betterment of society!

Well, just your usual time change jet lag. Lack of sleep, waking up at odd hours of the morning or night, going to sleep much earlier than we usually do.
At least we are in our beautiful house, enjoying the weather and relaxing to the fullest!

Enjoying the season:
It has been so much fun to have my own home to decorate again. Here are some of my favorite decorations that I put up this year:

Hoping that you are all enjoying this festive holiday season.


mythopolis said...

Its a crazy world, that's for sure! GlaD YOU ARE HAVING A HAPPY CHRISTMAS AT HOME!

Scriber's Web said...

Crazy hackers! Hopefully no one fell for it. Even I can tell from the tone of the email that you did not write it. So hopefully your family and friends figured it out.

Have a fabulous time with your family and enjoy the holidays!

Fabiola said...

I got the same email twice already from two different friends and yours was the third one.

I was laughing because it wasn't you AT ALL.

I'm glad all is well and you are enjoying Christmas in US.

Carol said...

BG....hoping you got my last message??!!

Carol said...

I was worried sick about you....figured it was a hacker...but kept your blog open on my computer hoping you'd post...and so relieved when you did! I was ready to come get you!! xoxoxoxoxox

Gabriela said...

Yep-I got the email. Figured 100 other people had already emailed you about it.

Call me!

Miss you!

BLOGitse said...

Happy New Year 2012!